Organizing your Montessori Classroom - sharing practical ideas, useful resources and various assessment methods

This workshop will help teachers look at their classrooms with fresh eyes and see what is working, what can be removed, and what new ideas and resources can be added to enhance the day to day operations of a multi-grade classroom. We will cover the layout and sequence of the Montessori materials, the different areas in a Montessori classroom, and how to use Practical Life and Sensorial materials, even in elementary classrooms, to help students self-regulate and control their own mental health breaks.


10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

This session is full.


  • Patricia Patrick

    Patricia has been passionate about Montessori for the past 35 years as a Montessori administrator, teacher, and mentor. She attended the AMI college in Dublin, Ireland, and later was taught by Angela Martin, one of the founders of MACTE (who was trained by Maria Montessori herself!) in Victoria, BC. Patricia is also the Montessori examiner for the Montessori training program at West-Mont School in Victoria which is connected to the Montessori Connections based in Scotland. Currently, Patricia teaches in a Montessori grade 1,2,3 at Hammond Elementary in Maple Ridge and is the president of the Montessori Public School Teachers’ PSA.