Supplemental Reading Games & Activities for the Montessori Language Shelves

Early reading specialist and Montessori Master Teacher Randall Klein will demonstrate supplemental reading games and activities that give beginning and struggling readers a concrete understanding of the alphabetic principle and launch them into strong alphabet knowledge, confident decoding, and proficient word identification. 

This session is geared toward instruction for early childhood students and struggling K-2 readers with the goal of preventing the risk of reading failure and of providing effective intervention activities. 


C02 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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A02 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

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  • Randall Klein

    Randall Klein, reading education consultant and author from Bozeman, Montana, taught in multi-aged early childhood classrooms for sixteen years. He is the author of The Klein Method of Early Reading Mastery.

    Randall has successfully taught hundreds of children from ages three to eight years how to read and has used this experience to formulate the techniques and methods he now delivers to educators and parents in his online presentations and workshops on developmentally appropriate early reading instruction.                    

    It is Randall’s desire to create a heightened awareness of the need for systematic, explicit and developmentally appropriate reading instruction for beginning and struggling readers.