Finding Normalization in Abnormal Times

This presentation is about finding our way back to normalization in a (hopefully) post-pandemic world.


Everyone is finding normalization more elusive than ever - everyone!  That is, in some ways, comforting without being satisfying.

We don't need to give up our vision of a normalized classroom.  We can create a path to normalization, even "these days".

But we have to more intentionally lay the path.  We have to teach children things about how "to people" that we never dreamed we would need to teach.

We also have to be more effective than ever at redirecting and reshaping the sometimes-peculiar choices that children make.

And we need to be more patient: with the children, with parents, and with ourselves.

We have only to look to Dr. Montessori and to some more modern researchers to tell us how.  


3 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Room Ballroom

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  • Betsy Lockhart

    Betsy Lockhart is an instructor at the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Colorado and Seacoast Center Montessori Teacher Education Program in Georgia. 
    She is a dynamic presenter, drawing on three decades of Montessori experience to apply Montessori philosophy to practice. She is welcomed regularly at national and regional Montessori conferences. Betsy is also a prolific writer, having written lesson albums and classroom guides that are in use on 6 continents. She is the proud mother of two grown “Montessori kids” and a grandson who will be joining a Toddler program in a few months. Betsy’s current obsession is connecting long-standing Montessori practices with modern findings on the neuroscience of learning. She is thrilled to be back in BC for the Hearts and Hands Montessori Conference.