Keynotes - Capturing Hearts Through the Work of the Hand


  • Betsy Lockhart

    Betsy Lockhart is an instructor at the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Colorado and Seacoast Center Montessori Teacher Education Program in Georgia. 
    She is a dynamic presenter, drawing on three decades of Montessori experience to apply Montessori philosophy to practice. She is welcomed regularly at national and regional Montessori conferences. Betsy is also a prolific writer, having written lesson albums and classroom guides that are in use on 6 continents. She is the proud mother of two grown “Montessori kids” and a grandson who will be joining a Toddler program in a few months. Betsy’s current obsession is connecting long-standing Montessori practices with modern findings on the neuroscience of learning. She is thrilled to be back in BC for the Hearts and Hands Montessori Conference.

This is about doubling down on Montessori philosophy and methods, reconnecting to our roots.

COVID caused us to make significant adaptations, which enabled children to keep learning in very peculiar and challenging times.

Some of the most significant adaptations include:

- materials being used less, replaced by abstract methods like tell-and-repeat or worksheets

- our focus turns to the product the child produces more than the process that they are using to learn.

- digital systems like Google Classroom and parents becoming the drivers of children's work

These are, in some cases, starting to feel like a normal part of our method.   They are not!  

The neuroscience of learning shows us that our true Montessori methods teach children the way that the brain is wired to learn.  

If we practice our method with fidelity, we will have happier, more successful children!  
All we need to do is go back to our roots, maybe with a renewed appreciation for what Dr. Montessori gave us.


8:45 AM - 9:30 AM
Room Ballroom

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Keynotes - Teaching Teachers how to be Teachers


  • Anjeanette Dawson

    Spelexilh, Anjeanette Dawson, is from the Squamish Nation. She is a traditional wool weaver, knowledge keeper, storyteller and Indigenous Educator. She deeply roots her pedagogical practice in the cultural teachings she carries as a Sḵwx̱wú7mesh knowledgeholder, educator and traditional wool-weaver. Strengthened by a Masters of Education in Indigenous Education, her passion lies in centring Indigenous world-views in contemporary public education and provincial curriculum.

Sharing my knowledge & experience on how to work with Indigenous communities, students, families, and caregivers. Begin to understand education through an Indigenous worldview.


9:45 AM - 10:30 AM
Room Ballroom

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