Exhibitor Application

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The following information will be used on the event website, the online conference site and/or other event materials. Write a brief description of your organization and what products/services you offer.
Note:This email address is displayed on the website and should be the one used for advertising purposes.
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Online Scavenger Hunt

To help drive traffic to your organization's or business’ online exhibitor booth, we are holding a Scavenger Hunt. Participants will visit your exhibitor page and virtually reveal your specific, hidden letter found behind a scratch card located on your page. They will use the letters to assemble a word that they use to enter the prize draw. 

Prize Donations

We are kindly requesting the donation of prizes as we charge very little for the online exhibitor booths. This is your opportunity to advertise your organization/business by donating a prize! Prizes may be an online gift card, discount code, and/or a physical prize if you are willing to arrange for shipping to the prize winner. Please include details about your prize in your registration information. 

Contact Person

Please enter the name and contact information of the person responsible for your booth.

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